Hello, thanks for visiting us here at Alfiecatz British Shorthairs, we hope you find everything you need to know about us on this page! 


 Important Notice - We ar eno longer actively breeding our British Shorthairs our website will remain active for a while.



 My name is Becky and together with my mum, Carolyn, we are Alfiebritz, Show hobby breeders of British Shorthairs based in Lincoln.

The name Alfiecatz was chosen because of our neutered boy Alfie he is the main reason I fell in love with the breed as he was our very first British Shorthair, so we thought he deserved some credit in the name.

We are registered with the GCCF and our prefix is Alfiebritz.

We have been featured in "Your Cat" magazine. Check out the British Shorthair Breed Profile in the January 2013 edition.


 I also wrote the monthly Breeder feature "Kitten Diary" from April 2013 - 2014.

 We are actively breeding Bi colours and tri colours with associated selfs and also have some spotted/mackerel tabby girls.

Member of British Shorthair Cat Club, Yorkshire Cat Club, Lincolnshire Cat Club and Humberside Cat Club and The Best of British Shorthairs club.

Our main aim is to breed healthy kittens with excellent temperments, whilst keeping to the British Shorthair standard. Type is so very important but here at Alfiebritz health will never be compromised.

We only breed our girls once a year and their health and happiness is always our top priority, kittens are produced here with the hope that we are blessed with something for showing all other kittens are found loving pet homes.

All our cats are registered with the GCCF and free from PKD and are FIV/FELV negative.

I am keen on health and nutrition and as such our cats are fed on the very best food, a diet consisting of Royal Canin Biscuit and Raw Meat food.

We show our cats at GCCF shows.

 Our breeding is a purely our hobby and is non-profitable, no expense is spared on looking after our cats and kittens.



 ARIEL a previous Alfiebritz Kitten.

 I hope you enjoy my website and if you have questions or queries please feel free to contact me.




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