Here is an introduction to some of our beloved cats - some photos courtersy of Pete Jones @ The Photographers Eye.

Introducing Our Ladies

CHAMPION Alfiebritz Hocus Pocus
Blue Tortie Spotted
Blood group A carrying b 
PKD Negative 
Carrying lilac & Colourpoint

Does not carry LH


Alfiebrtz Freisia

Black and White Bi colour

Carries Chocolate

Does not carry LH



Alfiebritz Audrey-Heppurrn

Chocolate Tortie Mackerel Tabby

Not carrying LH




Alfiebritz Scarlett O'Hara

Red Self (DNA Tested)

Not carrying LH



Alfiebritz Alyona

Blue Self

Carrying Cinnamon & LH


Alfiebritz Shooting-Star

Cream & White Bi

 Carries Lilac