Colourpointed and White is one of the latest patterns in British Shorthairs. Although we are no longer actively breeding this pattern, we are still big fans and would love to share some of our cats with you.

Colourpointed and White is a fairly new pattern and is now at Championship status with the GCCF.

This coat pattern is a combination of the Bi colour and the colourpoint, it is not an easy pattern to achieve and to achieve show quality is quite difficult.

 "Alfiebritz Henry Jones"

Photo Courtesy of Henrys loving owner Pete Jones @ The photographers eye.


"Windymeadow Arcade Fire"


  Photo courtesy of Neil Hepworth and Your cat magazine

The standard of points states "The face should have an inverted V of white, symmetry of design desirable. Starting on the forehead, but not exceeding the inner aperture of the eye, and extending down covering the nose and whisker pads. Remainder of mask, ears and tail should be clearly defined matching colour."

Witholding faults are:

Colour on Feet

Any white within coloured points

Any colour within the inverted V

Below: Alfiebritz LucyLocket (Seal tortie cp & white) and Alfiebritz Ceaser (blue colourpoint & white)