14/04/2012 - We have decided to retire Candy this year and will be keeping the Dominant tortie and white in her most recent litter. Later in the yea Candy will be looking for a forever home to live her retirement in peace.

25/03/2012 - Cocos and Hugos kittens have arrived. 6 beautiful babies. Please see kittens available page for details.

20/12/2011 - Check out Baby hopes own page.

19/11/2011 - We have decided to call Honeys baby Hope. She is doing really well and gaining weight fast. Honey is also doing well and has recovered from her operation well.

10/11/2011 - Honey has not taken to her baby and as such we are trying to hand rear. Going well so far we have one very strong little girl.

9/11/2011 - Honeys day has finally come. Born by c-section one colourpoint girl.

09/2011 - Candy has delivered 3 lovely boys, 2 cream/white bi colours and 1 cream self.

29/07/2011 - It been a while since we had a news update! So much has happened. We now have many new additions, Candy, Gus, Honey and Tilly. Details can be seen on the girls and boys page. Many kittens have come and gone onto their wonderful new homes.

9/07/2011 - Lincs and Humberside Show 2011 - Well Gus did us proud gaining a merit and Best of Breed and several 1sts and 2nds in his side classes. He got wonderful reports from the judges and we are really proud to have him here at Alfiecatz. Thanks to his Judges and of course to Linzi at Sodachicats for letting us have him.

16/10/2009 - Lola has arrived!! After weeks of waiting for our new little girl she is finally old enough to come live with us here at Alfiecatz. She is a future queen a Blue cream tortie and white. She is absolutely adorable and we love her to bits.

21/09/2009 - Blossom has given birth to 3 gorgeous little boys. She has a red self, a cream self and a red colourpoint. More details on Kittens available page.

14/08/2009 - Hugo has arrived! After months of looking for our perfect boy we have found him. Hugo is going to be our Stud boy. We are hoping to have some kittens from him in 2010.